MoPo is a master craftsman and his building material is the world’s most precious commodity: time. Consider yourself fortunate if you catch a Motion Potion DJ set since an enormous amount of scheming has to occur to manifest them. He approaches performances like a sound scientist, researching specifically who will be listening, and how exactly to reach into their souls. Every set is different, each unfolds in a myriad of different ways, and his intensive approach to preparation makes him versatile, deep, and so much damn fun. These are “DJ sets” in the classic sense, unfolding like poems with every song a word and every drop a bit of punctuation. He’s been called the “DJ for people who hate DJ’s”, ‘The Godfather of Silent Disco’ and the creator of ‘Electric Nostalgia’ but we prefer that you just call him, and do so with a weird musical challenge

Since falling into his craft at a Greek nightclub in 1997, his adventurousness, and the zero fucks he gives for prevailing paradigms have led him into some unheard-of DJ territory. Like the 54-song southern rock set for Govt Mule’s “Deepest End’. Or the time he built three custom metal remix sets to follow Metallica at their XXX Anniversary. Or the countless festival lineups he has geeked into including every Electric Forest and every Outside Lands, and a ten-year residency at Bonnaroo (which led to HUSHconcerts, his trailblazing silent disco production company. Or the times he opened for everyone from Isaac Hayes to Sheryl Crow, to George Clinton, to Robert Earl Keene. Or the ‘weird dj challenge’ that led to custom multi-hour B-Side sets of Talking Heads, Radiohead, Prince, James Brown, P-Funk, The Grateful Dead, Beasties, Beatles & Beck, Widespread Panic, Metallica, and both Michael AND Janet Jackson. He even custom designed ‘The Antidote’ a Sunday night make-out session set for ear-shot kids at EDM festivals. This is a polymath DJ who defies anyone to classify his style or reign in his taste.


With that said, this isn’t some old man railing at ‘the kids these days’. Rather, he serves as a living bridge between the hundred years of popular music we love, and the two decades of modern production that pushes a dancefloor. He’s crafted more than 150 remixes, edits, and mixtapes, and records virtually every show he plays. Most of these only see the light of day in his live performances, but occasionally, he’ll find a cause worthy of sharing them. In 2016, he released Subterranean Homemade Alchemy, an extended album of Radiohead remixes aimed at drawing eyeballs to the social issues championed by the band. Or when a hardcore fan, or friend is in need of some musical inspiration, he’ll hunker down and find them something perfect from the archives, or make them something fresh. Reach out with an impossible challenge, that friend could be you.

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